Tower-type Asphalt Mixing Equipment

The tower-type asphalt mixing equipment provides a thermal efficiency of 90% and an energy reduction of 15%. The equipment uses the unique online intelligent detection. The burner independently uses the double frequency conversion, various types of oil, and the original wear-resistant parts imported from Sweden which rank first in the world to provide safe, real-time and fast services.


  • 01 Drying System:
    1. The system uses four world-renowned shaft-mounted motor reducers to easily and freely drive dry drums.
    2. The optimized lifting blades provide more uniform heating and high heat utilization ratio.
    3. The external roller of thermal insulation materials and coat of stainless steel effectively prevent avoid heat loss.
    4. The drive drums and imported bearings undergoing careful calculation and heat treatment act long service life and reliable operation.
    5. The patented new drying drums reduce energy consumption by 20% compared with the original ones.
  • 02 Oil/Gas Burner:
    NZGOB burners are the new-generation axial flow oil/gas burners that play a leading role in our's burners and are developed jointly by China and Europe. These burners use the special burner simulation analysis conducted by the European organization for thermal energy technology research, integrates the advanced European technologies, and takes advantages of the best burner model patent with the principle of low emissions for environmental protection and calorific value as the core. These burners with excellent and stable quality are highly praised by customers around the world and therefore they can be used as the ideal accessory products for asphalt mixing equipment.
  • 03 Dust Collection System:
    1. The two- stage dust collection meets European emission standards.
    2. Rotary reverse blowing is used for energy conservation and high efficiency.
    3. The key fittings are reliable and durable.
    4. Safe protection and intelligent detection are provided.
  • 04 Vibrating Screen:
    1. The durable vibrating screen with high strength provides excellent screening performance.
    2. The mesh is easy to maintain and replace for time saving.
    3. The vibrating screen frequency matching well with the amplitude provides a graduation precision greater than 95% under various severe operating conditions to achieve high temperature resistance and high output, thereby maintaining excellent screening performance at any time.
    4. Good amplitude and frequency design ensures the best screening effect.
       (4-1) The screen uses the self-synchronous drive technology for energy conservation and environmental protection without maintenance.
       (4-2) The screen uses the enhanced drive axle design to eliminate screen damage for durable purposes.
       (4-3) The screen uses a high-quality imported vibrating motors.
  • 05 Metering System :
    1. The system uses the weighting mechanism with strong adaptive capability.
    2. The system uses the unique combined two-door coarse and fine scale patent for accurate metering.
    3. The axial flow asphalt scale uses the unique secondary tracking and metering patent to provide a stable and reliable asphalt-aggregate ratio.
  • 06 Mixing System:
    1. The system uses the simulated and optimized material mixing speed technology.
    2. The system ensures that materials in each mixer are homogeneously mixed to increase the mixing efficiency by 25% while reducing energy consumption by 20%.
    3. The system uses the original wear-resistant parts imported from Sweden which rank first in the world.
    High-efficiency twin shaft  asphalt mixer
    Motor: uses the high-performance motor technology from Germany SIEMENS/SEW/ABB mixer to ensure long-time continuous and reliable operation.
    Reducer: uses the drive technology for of Italy BONFIGLIOLI reducer to continuously transfer power.
  • 07 Intelligent Control System:
    The remote service platform based on the automation, industrial control, drive and industrial information technologies as well as service experience in the software provides customers with a full solution,from manufcature, management and future services